About Jonathan Flower Clocks Limited

A range of British handmade longcase precision regulator clocks, built by craftsmen utilising the best available materials and components.

The various types of movement are designed and built completely in-house and are rigorously tested at every stage of construction. Each part is hand finished, wheels are balanced, pinions polished and screws blued.

The finest grade clock-making brass is used, together with high grade steels.

Modern high-tech materials are utilised where they provide a specific advantage over traditional ones, such as micrograin tungsten carbide for the pallets and hybrid ceramic bearings for the pinions to run in.

The pendulum rods are made from Super Invar, a metal notoriously difficult to work with, but one that has the lowest coefficient of expansion and is therefore ideal for use in a precision clock.

The dials are solid brass that is wax filled and hand silvered in a process that has not changed for over 400 years.

The cases to house the movements are constructed from solid timbers chosen for their decorative grain and detail, using traditional cabinet maker skills such as dovetailed joints and French polishing.

The cabinet maker uses his knowledge and skill to cut the timbers in such a way so as to bring out the best grain and detail each piece of wood has to offer.

The back board in particular is made from solid heavy gauge timber, to provide a stable platform, essential for the precision movement.

The clocks have been constructed to provide many lifetimes of service just as the clocks made by the greats of British Horology such as Vulliamy and Tompion continue to do so today.

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